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“Tri your circles…”

We are building a circle that has plenty of room (AIR REPUBLIC)

To “subtly” bring about a shift in our daily choices/habits/culture/consciousness, in that order.

It’s a social movement, “social challenger” by way of an app. It’s a real life game. We are all triers here. No one is doing it all right and we can all try harder, right?
For whatever we think/feel/sense is important. But if you knew more about what is important to your friends…that’s true influence. That’s the purpose of friendship/connection/intimacy; sharing life’s lessons, wonders, dreams, trials, triumphs… our reality. Not a digitally picture perfect mirage for sake of self promotion or image building! But for true, lasting, meaningful INFLUENCE. With no agenda but to be of service, support, and SHARE THE JOY in our advancement, betterment and discoveries.
To fulfill our human potential, together.

“Awakening is a singular experience, plurally felt…”

It is a plan to activate, TRIgger everyone we touch in our digital circles (times 3, times 3, times 3) to start trying, explicitly, what we should be trying.

“What you can be, you must be…”

This is called self-actualization, fulfilling your human potential. The question of “what should we be trying???” Is where we will learn a lot. I know what I’m trying lately, but have no idea my friend, what you are up to? No idea what wonderful self projects, wisdom, commitments we are engaged in. TRI will bring this out, make us aware of the deepest wonders, TRIals TRIumphs of our communities in the clouds. We will learn a lot.
And maybe….if you see in one of the three balls, that someone started their day with meditation, you’ll give it a try too. Maybe if you see consistently that people are composting their food, maybe it will motivate you to TRI harder, make you want to contribute more and more.

TRI of life. It’s on us. We are the world, we are the children. Life is now.

                             NOV 3

                                                    NOW 3

                                                                           3 WON


Haha wow it was just a typo but love that huh thank you typo ☝

We have developed the habits of scrolling and tapping away several times throughout the day, now we direct these habits to sharpen our senses and develop new senses.
We will start sharing what it is that we are TRYing lately. May it be for the self, self-actualization, or causes important to you. What you honestly, practically, choose to expose through your lens, your light device, the camera. That’s what a lens does. It focuses or distributes light! It directs light. So let’s use the lenses on our phones to do exactly that.
Here is what you see when you open this app:




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