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‘A brilliant initiative, thoughtfully planned out for the next 12 years, to make impossible seeming visions of a bright global future, a personal undertaking, hence, a sustained reality”




‘An organization ruled with an energy and confidence that is enormously intriguing’


‘An apparatus that will trigger you and your circle to strive for our common goals – not just try, strive!”


’embodying what it is to be civilized by its very tone, it is a work of compassion, curiosity and erudition’


‘It certainly couldn’t be done more agreeably’




‘A marvelous surprise: just in time before the world becomes a total joke!’


‘A call to self-actualization en masse…there will be many stories of future generations who will attribute to it their lifelong passion for heroism – and a passion for seeking truth’





‘A magical app’



“It should come with a warning label; you are now entering a reality distortion field”

‘occult without the cult’

‘Here in this circle, are answers to many of the questions you never dared to ask’

‘A circle that sparkles with wit and wisdom’